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Trusted data directly from your customers.

If you are looking to buy data about your customers, audiences or prospects, don't buy it from 3rd parties. Buy it directly from your customers.  

Build their trust and build your brand with Known Privacy.

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Benefits of Known Privacy

Data collection with true, active consent.

Privacy Matters

You've heard the news. Every poll of consumers tell us: they care about their data privacy.
You've seen the data. You know there is a problem with how the system works. None of us meant for this level of surveillance on our customers, or for ourselves either. Luckily, now, there is another way.

We Also Need Personalization & Targetting

Consumers also insist that we know who they are and what they want, directly contradicting their demand for privacy. Tailored, curated experiences are better for our brands and better for consumers. How do we do we create that while being privacy first?

Zero-Party Data is the Answer

What is Zero-Party Data? It means you get data directly from your prospects and customers, but you don't keep it. You borrow it. And you pay them for it.
Instead of paying data brokers for data, pay your prospects and customers.

And Tracking and Data Gathering is Completely Disrupted

Support for IDFA is gone. Android is going the same way. Chrome is deprecating the 3rd party cookie. More privacy regulation all the time.
Why spend your time tracking people when you can get data directly from them? 

Compliance is not enough

Your compliance department, processes, and vendors are getting expensive.
Compliance with changing privacy laws and rule-making is a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.
And still you have data breaches. Leapfrog out of this risky situation by becoming truly Privacy First.

Privacy First = Better ESG ratings

The Known Privacy Data Exchange is Privacy First. It is fundamentally opt-in and takes you far past compliance with all the Privacy Laws. You the Governance part of Environmental, Social & Governance ratings? Yeah, Privacy First helps that.
It's really good for your brand. Way better than supporting the Surviellance Economy.

Beware False Consent

You know the 'I Accept' button that gives you all that lee-way with what you do with people's data? That's called False Consent. No one reads your Privacy policy or your Terms & Conditions. How long will that really have legal standing?
Are you really being honest with your customers?
Take the high road and embrace privacy for your customers and prospects.

The Best Data There Is

The data you will get from consumers through the Data Exchange is hands down the best data you can find. Consumers are sourcing that from all the Data Brokers you buy from now. Known Privacy processes it and normalizes it on their behalf. Then the customer corrects it. It will have the highest quality, most depth and incredible breadth. Why would you buy from anyone else?

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Our mission is to ensure enthical data practices for consumers.

And help business do the same.

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