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Privacy in your control. Profit if you want.

There is a way to take your privacy back. We've cracked the code.

The three pieces of the puzzle are how you beat the system: the Opt-Out Machine, The Identity Manager, and the Data Exchange.

Start with the Opt-Out Machine. The first step is to stop the sale and sharing of your data. Make it scarce. Opt-Out of so many of the databases holding your data.

Check it out below.

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Our three products

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Discover who owns your data and take it back.

Surveillance companies are collecting your data at a staggering pace. They do it at automated, industrial scale. And they don't bother asking you if that's ok.

Now you have a machine that can opt you out as fast as their data collection machines can go.

The Opt-Out Machine will get a copy of your data back too. Want to see what your profiles look like?

Automatically remove your data from dozens of third-party databases through one simple service. Worth every penny.

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Benefits of the Opt-Out Machine

See what data is out there about you

Be removed from dozens of databases

Reduce your data footprint

Save yourself from time-intensive work

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Visualize and manage your identity data in one place.

The Identity Manager is the ultimate repository for your identity data.

Your data belongs to you and only you.

It is so secure that we at Known Privacy can't see it or use it unless you give us permission. It is end-to-end encrypted and only you hold the keys to unlock it.

It's the golden copy of data about you. You own it. You control it.

Our mission as a company is to give you transparency and control over your data. The Identity Manager is your tool.

Think of it as your Identity Wallet, because that's what it is.

You can take it with you any time. We make it portable and inter-operable with others. We follow the principles of privacy by design.

You need a tool manage your data and that is what the Identity Manager is for. And you can't beat the price, because it is free.

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Benefits of the Identity Manager

A home for your valuable Identity Data

An easy way to visualize the data about you

Secure and safe, cryptographically protected

Have complete control over your data

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Data Exchange Logo

Loan your data to brands and marketers.

Your data is valuable. That's why companies spent 20 Billion Dollars last year to get it. Now that you've used the Opt-Out Machine, it's even more valuable, because it is scarce.

We all like personalized, tailored experiences. That is why brands need your data- to know just how to treat you. We just ask for transparency while they do it.

So loan your data and get paid for it. Known Privacy will make sure it is all on the up and up.

You will receive regular reports and insights on how your data is used, and how much money you've earned.

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Benefits of the Data Exchange

Profit when you let brands use your data

Get transparency into how your data is used

Learn how much your data is worth

Control who can use what data, when & how

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