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Take back your data. Take back your privacy.

Your personal data is out there. Everywhere. In so many databases.

Marketers spent a whopping $30 billion dollars in 2021 buying and selling data about consumers.

That's you. Your personal data.

The data comes from tracking you. All the time.

They create super-detailed profiles about you so they can sell you more things. And sell your data. There's big money in it.

You have a lot of profiles. Hundreds. So much information about you is out there that you've lost your privacy.

Known Privacy is dedicated to getting your privacy back.

Take the easy way out. Here's how:

The Opt-Out Machine™

We'll remove your information from dozens of databases
at a time.

The Opt-Out Machine™ will save you countless hours of tedious work. And frustration.

It is the automated way to remove yourself from the creepy databases.

You can do it yourself, but the process is painful. We wish it weren't so hard and time-consuming, but it is. We are here to help.

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The Identity Manager gives you control over your data.

When you Opt-Out, we'll also get your data back.

Yes, you heard that right: we also tell you what the surveillance companies know about you. It's amazing how much they know.

Want to find out?

We'll get you a copy of your data and tell them they can't sell it anymore.

It's your private personal data, but where do you put it? How do you keep it secure? 

The Identity Manager gives you a safe, secure place to keep your own private data.

We can't access it unless you let us. It's yours.

You own it. You control it.

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The Data Exchange gives you power to loan your data and get paid.

Now that you control your data, you can loan it to brands.
And get paid.

Why did $20 Billion get spent last year for your data?

Because your data is incredibly valuable.

The data about us powers personalized experiences and targeted advertising. It helps companies and brands sell you more stuff.

We like personalized experiences, but we don't like getting spied on. We don't like that our data is all over the place controlled by who knows?

Let's change it. With the Data Exchange, they can pay you for your data, instead of 3rd party surveillance companies.

You can loan them your data on your terms. You get transparency and control. And you get paid.

Yes, you heard correctly. You can get paid to get your privacy back.

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KnownPrivacy Public Benefit Corporation

Our passion:
getting your privacy back

The only one who cares more about your privacy than us, is you.

Our Mission

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Is your company commited to customer privacy?

If your goal is compliance, you aren't thinking about privacy in the right way.

True privacy is getting zero-party opt-in data: directly from the consumers you want to business with.

Get the highest data quality in the world and boost your brand by becoming truly a privacy-first brand.

Oh, and save a ton of your money along the way.

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