Stop Bad Actors from Weaponizing Personal Data
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Your personal data is out there. Everywhere. In so many databases.

Marketers spent a whopping $30 billion dollars in 2021 buying and selling data about consumers.

That's you. Your personal data. The data comes from tracking you. All the time.

Surveillance Companies create hundreds of super-detailed profiles about you so they sell your data. There's big money in it.

So much information about you is out there that you've lost your privacy.

Your data being out there everywhere isn't safe for your cyber security.

Known Privacy is dedicated to getting your privacy back.

Take the easy way out. Here's how:

The Opt-Out Machine™

We'll remove the selling of your personal information from hundreds of databases at a time.

The Opt-Out Machine™ will save you countless hours of tedious work. And frustration.

It is the automated way to remove yourself from the creepy databases.

It's a smart move: spammers, robo-callers and aggressive marketers use that data to make your life noisy. Don't you want it quieter?

Don't you want to worry less about someone using your personal data to scam you?

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Our goal:
getting your privacy back

The only one who cares more about your privacy than us, is you.

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How your company can put Privacy First

Your employees want privacy too. The good news: you can give it to them.

Employees that can worry less about privacy are happier employees. What an awesome benefit to working at your company.

Want to reduce the number of vendors calling you? Want to reduce spam? Want to reduce phishing attacks? 

Want to silence the noise? 

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