Opt-Out to get your privacy back.

The Opt-Out machine will remove your data automatically out of dozens of databases at a time.

Take your data back. Simple & easy.

You are tracked all the time online. On your phone. On your computer.

Companies you don't know create profiles about you that they sell to other businesses. They want your data to sell you more stuff.

The good news is that you can opt-out of those databases that sell your data without your permission. The Opt-Out Machine does it automatically, dozens of databases at a time.

You can do it yourself, but the companies who have your data make it very time-consuming and painful. Yeah, it's super annoying, which is why we created the Opt-Out Machine.

We also think it is important to get your data back. We'll get a copy of it for you so you can see what they've collected about you. We will give you the ability to store it securely and safely.

Do you ever wonder what those profiles they keep about you really look like? Get ready to find out.

Why bother opt-ing out? 

Well, your data is everywhere. That's why you've been caught up in so many data breaches. That's why you the internet seems to know so much about you.

That's why you get certain prices; get shown certain ads; get certain credit terms; get shown certain content. Wouldn't you rather have control over what is happening with your data? 

The best way to get control is take it away from those who have it now. Those companies you don't know that track you all the time. They are called Data Brokers.

How does it work? 

The first step is for you to tell us a bit about yourself. Yeah, we know it's ironic that you have to share a bit of data to get the rest of it back. The good news is that we are on a mission to secure your privacy, so it is worth it.

Once you go through the sign-up process, we will reach out to dozens of companies and ask them to do 2 things for you: 

1) Opt you Out. For 12 months, they can no longer sell or share your data (hooray!)

2) Give you a copy of your data

Once it comes back, we will organize it for you. It can get a little unwieldy to manage dozens of profiles coming back from all those data brokers, so we will make easy to manage and understand. That's what our Identity Manager is all about. You should check that out too.

Ok, It's time to get started getting your privacy back. Sign up today and get control of your privacy again.

Why Opt Out

Reduce your data footprint
Make your data scarce
Get caught in fewer data breaches
Stop the sale of your data without your permission
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