Our commitment to privacy makes us different.

Our Mission

The rise of the Surveillance Economy has come with a big price: the loss of our privacy.

Known Privacy is here to win your privacy back.

Personal data about you should never be used to affect your life without your knowledge or permission. But it happens every day.

Tracking and profiling of consumers to deliver personalized experiences was never intended to hurt us. But it is not a good system.

There is a better way.

The good news is that we can take back control. We can take back ownership of our data.

Even better news? Consumers can get paid to do it.

John Ruder - Cofounder / CEO

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Brendan Roberts - Cofounder / CTO

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Known Privacy is a Public Benefit Corporation

We will never put profit over privacy.

We will never sell or share your data without your explicit knowledge and consent.

That will never change. We are proud of that.

In fact, we enshrined these ideas in the founding legal documents for our company, so they are here to stay.

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Why Known Privacy

Other services will offer to opt you out, help you get control of your data, or pay you for your data. They may claim to care about your privacy. Too often, the promises are empty, disingenuous, or they just sell it for their own ends. It's more of the same: the Surveillance Economy.

Make sure they will protect your data. Make sure you can get control over your data. Make sure you have transparency into how your data is used.

Or just stick with us. It's what we do.

Earning your trust is the cornerstone of our company

That's why we will never compromise on privacy. Too many others do.

Our clear-eyed vision

We believe managing your data privacy should be a piece of cake. One day we hope that will be true for everyone, all around the world.

How it works

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Know where your data is

The first step in taking back control is to encircle your data, understand where it lives and what it looks like.

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Own the access to it

Once knowing where it is we need to build a barrier to it’s access and make it private.

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Control when it’s shared

After knowing and owning our data we can decide to share access to it without losing control over it.

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