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The Opt-Out Machine for Business quiets distractions and reduces your risk

Your employee data is everywhere, in hundreds of databases. It's a risk to their privacy and a huge risk for your company.

Your executives and employees are getting bombarded sales and recruiter inquiries every day.

Your team gets robocalls, spam emails, vendor inquires, aggressive sales tactics, aggressive marketing, recruiters, and all the others who 'just want a minute of your time'.

And phishing attacks? Having all that employee data out in the world makes phishing attacks too easy.

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Quiet the Distractions

Deploy the Opt-Out Machine Enterprise Wide

Reduce distractions for your team

Reduce inbound noise, quiet the distractions

Lead Generation Platforms and Data Brokers are selling your executive and employee data to all comers.

The unwanted phone calls, emails and visits are so frequent because the data about your employees is so available, so pervasive and so cheap. Opt-Out of the Data Broker databases and quiet the noise.

Give executives their focus back

Every interruption switches your employees focus from their jobs to an outbound sales person or marketer. Take the data away from aggressive marketers, sales people and recruiters so they won't be able to create those distractions so easily.

Reduce Security Risk

Reduce your security risks

Phishing is a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a fraudulent (e.g., spoofed, fake, or otherwise deceptive) message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information to the attacker.
The more data an attacker has about your employees, the more easily they may trick your company.

Reduce your company data footprint

‍The personal data about your executives and employees is an asset that others can take advantage of. It is everywhere. Thanks to privacy laws, you now have the tools to clean up the me

The Opt-Out Machine is a valuable employee benefit

Get the benefity of data privacy

Looking for happier employees?

Employee benefits that truly benefit the enterprise are hard to find. It turns out giving your employees their data privacy reduces their distractions, reduces your risk and gives them peace of mind.

The Opt-Out Machine checks all the boxes.

We'll work with your benefit administrators

Let us know the platform, and we'll do the work. We are happy to provide the details to your employees so that they know how the Opt-Out Machine works, what to expect and what a great employer you are.

Better data governance practice

Privacy First = Better ESG ratings

The Governance part of Environmental, Social & Governance ratings? It's the G in ESG. Yeah, good Privacy practices help with that.

Protecting your employee data will help create fewer distractions and lower your security risk, but is also just good governance.

All year long

Privacy is a big topic and a big headache for companies. The good news? Your Opt-Out Machine subscription is good for a full year, and we'll be finding new ways to protect your privacy all along the way.

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