Loan your data and get paid.

Your data is incredibly valuable. That's why companies track you all the time and create profiles about you. Change it up. Brands shouldn't pay surveillance companies for your data. They should pay you. Welcome to the Data Exchange.

The Data Exchange lets you earn directly from brands, on your terms

You were smart to sign up for the Opt-Out Machine. You made your data scarce.

Why does that matter? Well, if you are the only source for your valuable data, brands will pay you a lot more for it.

Definitely a lot more than if they can just call the nearest Data Broker and buy it from them, which is how it works today.

Brands want to do business with you. They know you like personalized experiences. They know that if you are going to see advertisements, you'd prefer they were relevant to you. The only way they could pull that off before was to pay other companies to stalk you and create a profile about you.

They get to know you through those profiles and use them to give you the tailored experience you want. The Surveillance Economy arose because there wasn't another way to give you great experiences without compromising your privacy.

Known Privacy and the Data Exchange changes all that.

Now, you control your data through the Identity Manager. Brands can now pay you directly for your data. Known Privacy will help bring you together with Brands that want to do business with you, all under your control.

They might pay you in the form of cash, crypto, offers, discounts, and other cool benefits.

We get a percentage of the proceeds too, which we use to pay for all the privacy initiatives on our plate.

If enough of us get together and change how brands think about your data, we just might change the system. Change the Surveillance Economy. Get your privacy back.

Oh wait, you didn't sign up for the Opt-Out Machine? No biggie. You will have a little more work to do to fill out your data, but you can still use the Data Exchange.

It is the future after all, and we'd hate for you to miss out.

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