Own your digital identity. Own your Privacy.

The Identity Manager is the best way to take control of the data about you. It is your place store & manage your personal data. Safely. Securely. A place that only you can control. It's truly private.

The Identity Manager is your home for your personal data

There is really a lot of data about you out there in the world. With the Opt-Out Machine, we are going to get a bunch of it back.

Where do you put it?

It's sooo much data. How do you even look at it in a way that makes sense?

The Identity Manager gives your data a secure home. And makes it understandable. Sensible.

Once locked away in the Identity Manager, we at Known Privacy, PBC cannot see your data or do anything with it without your permission. It's your personal data after all. Only you hold the keys.

You know it. You own it. You control it. That is what Known Privacy is all about.

Finally, a place where you can manage your identity data. You'll be amazed to see what you can learn about yourself.

Now that you know that you can take your data back from any company who has it, where are you going to put it? On your computer? On your phone? Some cloud provider who won't commit to protect your privacy in a simple understandable way? Nope.

With Known Privacy, we give you the tools to protect your data with the latest and proven technologies specifically designed to give you control over your data and your privacy.

Your identity is cryptographically secured using Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) - the ultimate blockchain-based approach for keeping your data and identity completely private and in your control.

It's a digital wallet for your digital data. Finally, a way to protect your privacy: take control of your data.

Oh by the way, you can take your data with you any time. It's yours. If find a better place to put it than the Identity Manager, you can be confident that we care about data portability and interoperability. We think you should be able to use the data in any way you want anywhere you want.

We are gonna do everything we can to keep you around though. Not by locking in your data. We will work to lock in your trust. We do that through our every day actions, and by ensuring the Identity Manager is amazing.

But wait, you didn't sign up for the Opt-Out Machine? That's ok, you can have the Identity Manager anyway. It will be just a bit more work to fill it up with your data.

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